Tuesday, November 27, 2007

PAPU and the Undersea Space Zombies

The latest PAPU adventure has been posted and it's a "real doozy," as the kids say. "Papu and the Undersea Space Zombies" will chill and thrill you to your bones, and occupy a large percentage of your attention for at least a minute and a half!

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Thursday, November 22, 2007

PAPU Family Values

It's official, folks and yolks! "Papu Family Values," the first rip-roaring episode in our long-awaited media campaign to restore PAPU to his rightful place as a cherished household name, has met with overwhelming universal acclaim. Give or take the meaning of most of the words in the preceding sentence.

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Sunday, November 18, 2007


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A First Post About Papu

A wise man once said, "All the world needs a BLOG." Truth be told, in my humble opinion that man was a Grade-A moron. I'm not even sure 'he' ever existed. Nonetheless, here before you is a-birthed yet another so-called blog into the cold, cruel world. But, you may well ask, "Why?"

For many years, Dear Reader, it has been my sincere honor to serve as the Dr. Watson, as it were, of the great, mysterious adventurer and bon vivant known the world over as PAPU. From this point on, I, Captain Silas J. Lacky (and, when his busy schedule permits, Papu himself) shall be using this virtual space to keep fellow citizens abreast of such developments as may transpire involving our Hammering Hero, as well as other news involving whatever happens to dribble from assorted feverish brains, etc.

That said, this first historic post is as good a place as any to announce the existence of the brand new All-PAPU website, poetically and fittingly named PAPUSMASH.COM. Visitors are sure to find themselves astounded by its marvelous moving images and other wonderous animatronic geegaws. Make haste to "surf" your way there, if you have not already done so!

Hark? Do I hear the patter of huge blue feet pounding down the hall towards my study door, hammers swinging? Thundering thumbnails, I surely require a drink.

Gotta run.