Tuesday, January 8, 2008

"Everything's Great in 2008" (tm, copyright, pat. pending)

We start the year going full-speed backwards into another episode of YESTERDAY'S FUTURE TODAY... this time the subject is "The House of The Future." Specifically, why we aren't living in it yet. Chet Chumley and his Chimp explain it all, in under a minute.
YFT: House of the Future

In other news, results of the First Ever Papu "Contest Contest" are in and the deluge of clever submissions has given our panel of expert judges quite a lot to think about. Assuming, that is, how gullible one is regarding the concepts of "deluge," "clever," "panel of expert judges" and "think about."

Readers of this Blog may remember that about a month ago the call went out seeking ideas for an exciting new CONTEST to help promote All Things Papu and generate attention for his worthy deeds. In other words, a contest to pick a contest. What could go wrong? Well, wait til next week when we will breathlessly and officially announce the "winner," whom shall receive a GENUINE PAPU BUMPERSTICKER as a reward (bumper not included.) Meanwhile, anyone who still has an idea they've been too lazy to email in, should get right on it and send us their brainstorm care of PAPU@mishmashmedia.com.