Saturday, September 6, 2008

Mishmash Media PRESS RELEASE


Mishmash Media, Inc. Has Moved!

Sept. 1, 2008

Mishmash Media, Inc., the semi-legendary New York City-based micro-boutique animation studio almost famous for nearly ten years of ground-breaking animation under the direction of noted Flash Pioneer Xeth Feinberg, has moved.

"Our new state of the art facility, sprawling over 2.5 acres, will enable us to meet the varied opportunities of 21st Century cartooning head on," states Mishmash Media Director of Development Xeth Feinberg. "We continue to have computer equipment, high speed internet, international phone and fax service, climate control, electricity, running water, and now, several bird feeders."

From its old offices in Manhattan's increasingly trendified Lower East Side, Mishmash Media produced Paramount's award-winning feature length "QUEER DUCK: THE MOVIE," Fox's "DAY ZERO" animated "24" webseries, shorts for Vanity Fair, the Huffington Post, Classic Media and, as well as an original series for and a wide array of other projects at

"Simply by moving our mailing address from a crumbling, over-priced hell hole in New York City to a pristine post office box in the beautiful hamlet of Callicoon, NY, we will immediately realize a rental cost savings of over 1000 percent a year, some of which we can theoretically pass on to our clients, who don't give a rat's ass where we actually are anyway," notes Mishmash Media Chief Financial Officer Xeth Feinberg.

Mishmash Media's web sites and email addresses will remain completely unchanged, thanks to sophisticated proprietary technology, according to Head Technology Coordinator Xeth Feinberg. "Tragically, we were forced to give up our 212 phone number, but email is usually the best way to reach us anyway. Telephones are so 20th Century," he sneered.

Callicoon, conveniently located on the Upper Delaware River approximately 100 miles north-west of The Big Apple, features a pizzeria, a number of charming stores selling unnecessary items, a 1940's-era theater and an old hotel with a history of tragic shootings. Wild life is abundant. "It actually provides a very comparable range of experiences to Manhattan, when you think about it," babbles Mishmash Media Human Resource Director Xeth Feinberg. "The truth is, hardly any of our clients ever needed to visit our office. It's all done via the interweb nowadays."

For the record, Senior Liaison With Civilization Xeth Feinberg will be commuting frequently to The City and readily available for meetings and events on short notice. Especially ones involving free food and drink.

PO BOX 151

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Visit My Comix Blog!

JUNE blog fun

I admit it. I get bored with keeping up with things. I let the papu smash blog waste away. But luckily, it seems that almost nobody bothered reading it. So all's well that ends wellish.

Now it's late June.

I'm hard at work on some new web series I'm writing, directing, animating and, well, everythinging for an interesting company called

The idea is to generate some original content and then they try to market and promote it. The old idea from the original dot-com days. Maybe these guys will have better luck pulling it off.

More info and links to follow, when they follow.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

March Madness

There's been some downtime while other projects go forward... a complete redesign of the websites: is now the home of new original animations, is the place for commissioned work, has a new design to make it easier to find stuff, and PapuSmash is now All Papu, All the Time.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

"Everything's Great in 2008" (tm, copyright, pat. pending)

We start the year going full-speed backwards into another episode of YESTERDAY'S FUTURE TODAY... this time the subject is "The House of The Future." Specifically, why we aren't living in it yet. Chet Chumley and his Chimp explain it all, in under a minute.
YFT: House of the Future

In other news, results of the First Ever Papu "Contest Contest" are in and the deluge of clever submissions has given our panel of expert judges quite a lot to think about. Assuming, that is, how gullible one is regarding the concepts of "deluge," "clever," "panel of expert judges" and "think about."

Readers of this Blog may remember that about a month ago the call went out seeking ideas for an exciting new CONTEST to help promote All Things Papu and generate attention for his worthy deeds. In other words, a contest to pick a contest. What could go wrong? Well, wait til next week when we will breathlessly and officially announce the "winner," whom shall receive a GENUINE PAPU BUMPERSTICKER as a reward (bumper not included.) Meanwhile, anyone who still has an idea they've been too lazy to email in, should get right on it and send us their brainstorm care of

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Papu's Smashing Holiday

Like a colorful rash, xmas comes but once a year... and so does Papu's Smashing Holiday Smashtacular Cartoon in this newly revised "Director's Cut" (30 seconds deleted and some other improvements from the 2006 version that almost nobody saw!) Papu and his crew travel to Santa's workshop and really "hit" it off.

Start your new yearly holiday cartoon viewing tradition NOW! DO IT! NOW! NOW! DO IT!
Papu's Smashing Holiday

(Btw, the nifty title font was created by the great and powerful Dave Lovelace, who fully deserves our sympathy and support!)

Monday, December 17, 2007


The Management interrupts Big Blue Morons Smashing People With Hammers to bring you a totally different kind of cartoon. YFT is a take on the Retrofuture... the old-fashioned, wonderful future we all got cheated out of. This first episode deals with the glories of air travel. Chet Chumley... over and done with.
YFT: Air Travel

Monday, December 10, 2007

America's Next Top PAPU Idol

This episode is all about fame, celebrity, reality television, society... uh, will anybody care if I stop writing this blog entry right now?