Thursday, November 22, 2007

PAPU Family Values

It's official, folks and yolks! "Papu Family Values," the first rip-roaring episode in our long-awaited media campaign to restore PAPU to his rightful place as a cherished household name, has met with overwhelming universal acclaim. Give or take the meaning of most of the words in the preceding sentence.

Many thanks for your comments... if nothing else they prove the ineffectiveness of spam blockers.


Chris said...

This new documentary "Family Values" does answer a lot of questions, though it raises many as well!

Were Papu and his brother raised as feral children? Was his brother able to develop normal social skills after years of intense psycho therapy?

Or is Papu's senseless smashing a disease that someone can be caught? Are we on the verge of the next great pandemic?!?

Captain Silas J. Lacky said...

Pestering posters! You've got more questions than a nun in hen house! Why, if I had a hammer I'd smash your thick skull myself!